Suresnes, at the gates of Paris
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Cultural Heritage

Suresnes, small and charming city, at the gates of Paris has a great cultural heritage through the city. Follow the guide!

Suresnes History Museum, the MUS

The MUS - Suresnes Museum of Urban and Social History opened its doors in the Suresnes-Longchamp station, which was renovated  and a modern extension was built.

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Mont-Valérien, eminent place of the National Memory

From 1941 to 1944, during the Second World War, Mont-Valérien served as a site of execution for more than 1.000 resistance fighters and hostages who were victims of the Nazi occupation. In 1960, General de Gaulle, who was President, unveiled the Memorial of the French Resistance, in memory of the heroes and martyrs of the Resistance.

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The Fortress and the 8th Signal Corps

The Mont-Valérien Fortress, one of the sixteen forts built around Paris between 1840 and 1845, overlooks a hill which is 162 meters high.

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The American Military Cemetery

This cemetery was founded in 1917 by the "Graves Registration Service" and opened in 1919. It is a place of remembrance covering 3 hectares, and is the only cemetery in Europe where graves from the two world wars are placed together.

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Suresnes Open-air School

The open air school was based on an idea to improve public health which was endorsed by the mayor at the time, Henri Sellier. The school offers an unusual architecture where the outdoors is always visible and themes of childhood, medicine, architecture, and the town are evoked. 

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