Suresnes, at the gates of Paris
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In Suresnes

Come and visit us at the Tourism Information Center and we will gave you all the maps and information you need to walk throughout the city.


Vélib' in Suresnes

Three Vélib' stations are located in Suresnes. Simple and practical, the Vélib' system is a great means of transport and offers a different way to discover the surroundings.

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Take a bike in a station, put it down in an other one, Vélib ' a system of self-service rent simple to use, available 24 hours a day is and 7 days a week.

Price :


  • You can take a short-term ticket. Of 1,70¤ price of the Ticket one day (30 first free minutes) +

1¤ cost of additional half an hour

+ 2¤ the second additional half an hour

+ 4 ¤ from the third additional half an hour


  • Or subscribe to an annual subscription:

-Vélib ' Classic

 The offer Vélib ' Classic for 29¤ a year, with a number of unlimited routes and the first 30 minutes were offered for each of my journeys

-The offer Vélib ' Passion for 39 ¤ a year, with a number of unlimited routes and the first 45 minutes were offered for each of my journeys.


Vélib’ stations

  •  Station standard : Rue de Saint-Cloud
  •  Station allégée : 15/17, boulevard Henri Sellier
  •  Station standard : 13/15, rue Ledru Rollin
  • Station standard : 18 bis, rue de Verdun / Cours Madeleine




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