Discover a bistro not Parisian !

Located on the Fecheray Terrace, at an altitude of 162m, the new ephemeral restaurant of the Family of Bistrots Pas Parisiens (Saperlipopette, Bistro de Paris, L-Haut, Ma Cocotte, Macaille, Sapristi, Perlin Tatin and Splash) settles in and launches the start of the winter season!

Hakim Gaouaoui, at the helm of the Pas Parisiens, and its chefs, offer a unique experience in this exotic refuge, with a selection of raclette, charcuterie boards, Savoyard fondue, barbecue, and mulled wine, staying in the mountain trail!



To go or in delivery.

Paris view



    La Terrasse du Fecheray,
    Accs au 80 Boulevard Washington, Suresnes

    +33(0)6 35 31 20 21

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