Suresnes, at the gates of Paris
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In Suresnes

Come and visit us at the Tourism Information Center and we will gave you all the maps and information you need to walk throughout the city.


Using Autolib'

Autolib' is the first full electric and open-access car sharing service in Paris and its surroundings.


There are more than ten Autolib' stations in Suresnes!

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  • Loan to Be rolled


without cost of subscription,  allows you to rent Autolib ' all year round for 9,50¤ half an hour. You can book a car for 1¤!
0¤/month 0,32/times or 6,33¤ for 20 minutes of use



  • Autolib ' 1 year


Autolib ' Premium is the most advantageous offer. For 10¤/month you have a car 24H/7J, and a rent at the best price. You benefit from free and unlimited reservations (car and place) 10¤/month 0,23/times or 4,66¤ for 20 minutes of use





plan auto lib

15 rue de Verdun - station 92073-03

5 places


Face au 3 rue Salomon de Rothschild - 92073-02

6 places


2 rue Marcel Monge - station 92073-14

5 places Autolib’


50 boulevard Henri Sellier

6 places


52 rue Carnot

6 places


37 avenue Georges Pompidou

6 places


26 rue Huché

5 places Autolib’


33 rue de la Tuilerie

6 places


11 place Stalingrad

6 places


21 avenue Jean Jaurès

6 places


21 avenue de la Fontaine du Tertre

6 places


1 rue Charles Péguy

6 places


42 rue Gardenat Lapostol

6 places


45 rue Worth

6 places



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