Data Privacy

Protection of your personal data

The Suresnes Tourist Information Centre attaches a big importance for the protection of your personal data (which allows to identify you). That is why we try hard to be the most transparent possible, making every effort to protect them.

Responsible for the data processing : Mrs HER MONFAIT Mlisande, as Director of the Suresnes Tourist Information Centre.



All the collected data passed on within the framework of forms allow us to handle your precise demands. No information will be passed on in thirds, and none given will be used in other purposes only those described in a precise way in conditions of use or on forms.

Our Web person and host ID ALIZES (10, rue Cit Foul 30 000 Nmes) has contractually to protect the personal data. ID ALIZES possess an infrastructure answering the required safety standards.

We chose to delete all your data directly once the request is answered and to keep no personal datum.

Links towards other web sites

The information on the data protection personal applies only to our web site. If you fall over on other sites via present links on, It's within their competence to inform you about the information bound to your personal data on each of the sites.

Know your rights

Each of the users has the right to ask for the access to its personal information, to rectify them or to ask for the erasure.

Besides he has the right to remove his consent at any time.

For that purpose, it's enough for you to contact us directly by phone at + 33 1 42 04 41 47 or by e-mail : We'll be the most reactive possible.

The collected data

Contact FormAnswer to the request handled by the OT then destruction of the data once the request is handled

Professional picture library form

Answer to the request handled by the OT then destruction of the data once the request is handled
Registration form for Suresnes Auto RtroAnswer to the request handled by the OT then use of the data only within the framework of the event for the relaunching and the registration (data retention during three years maximum)

Cookies and tracers

A cookie is an information kept on your computer by a Website which you visit. (Source support Mozilla Firefox)

We make every effort on our site so that you have the possibility of accepting or refuse the reading of cookies. A form is being created and will be accessible via a link since the headband cookies present on the homepage.

Social network cookies :

Two links towards Facebook and Instagram are present on our site to favor the exchange and the user-friendliness and allowing the information sharing. A widget Instagram is also installed.

Videos :

On our site you will find shared videos to decorate our articles and to make them more alive which come)from sites like Dailymotion, You Tube, or Vimeo

The meteo widget :

Tamto allows you to know the weather report for 4 days on our city.

Google Analytics :

Google Analytics is a tool from Google it analysis the Internet audience allowing the owners of Websites and applications to understand better the behavior of their users. This tool can use cookies to collect information and generate reports on the statistics of use of a Website without the individual users being personally identified by Google (copyright GOOGLE source)

In compliance with EU laws, we give you the choice to activate or not each tools allowing us to improve your experience on this website (Audience Measurement, Social Media...) En savoir plus
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