The Fortress and the 8th Signal Corps

The Mont-Valrien Fortress, one of the sixteen forts built around Paris between 1840 and 1845, overlooks a hill which is 162 meters high. It houses institutions such as the 8th Signal Corps, the Pigeon House of the National Military, the museum of war pigeons, and also the museum of Signal Corps.

History of the 8th Rgiment

The 8th Regiment of Transmissions is in the Fortress of the Mont-Valrien of Suresnes. It's also a strategic place for the network of the defense.
The Regiment was created in 1947 its flag is the only one to carry in her folds " the Resistance 1940-1944 ". It is also decorated with the Croix de guerre.

8me Rgiment de Transmissions


Inside the Fortress can be found the museum of Signal Corps, which has radio equipment, code details, a transmitter from the Eiffel Tower and military equipment from the world wars. It also has the last war Pigeon House in Europe as well as the museum of war and homing pigeons.

Visiting the museums and the Pigeon House is possible all year round for organisations and schools by request to the following address :

The Fortress is only open to the public during the European heritage days and offers guided tours of the site.

Missions of the 8th Regiment of Transmissions

Implanted on several sites of the Paris region, the Regiment assures 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, the smooth running of telecommunications and information systems of the Ministry of Defence. Regiment for joint task forces, he oversees at the national level the systems of telecommunications and information, participle to the NATO systems and to the networks of embassies, and link the strengths thrown in outside operations. He also assures missions of training and support.
The Regiment is subordinated to the DIRISI (Direction For joint task forces of the Networks of Infrastructure and Information systems).


8me Rgiment de Transmissions
Forteresse du Mont-Valrien
Rue du Colonel Hubert Delestre

Tl : +33 (0)1 41 44 53 50 / +33 (0)1 41 44 52 13

Webebsite of the Mont-Valrien clic here.


Rue du Colonel Hubert Delestre

  • SNCF train: from Paris Saint-Lazare station or La Dfense, stop at Suresnes Mont Valrien
  • Bus: 160, 241, 360 (stop at Cluseret Hpital Foch), 563
  • Car: from le Pont de Suresnes, follow the blue signs: American Military Cemetery and Memorial

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