Labelled "Artisans du tourisme"

This year, 5 craftsmen from Suresnes are winners of the "Artisan du Tourisme des Hauts-de-Seine" label for the year 2021: 3 winners renewed as well as 2 new winners. Well done to them.

Craftsmen of art and creation of the Galerie des Mtiers d'Art "La Verrire" 7 ter rue mile Duclaux:

  • Mme Audrey JEZIC - Ceramic

06 75 46 46 24

  • Mme Batrice Balivet -Contemporary jewelry

06 76 52 66 15 -


07 83 92 39 29

  • Atelier Avenet - Gold leaf gilding

07 60 57 34 83-

Food professions


39 rue Emile Zola, 92150 Suresnes-01 45 06 11 83

Tourism Craftsman Label

The "Tourism Craftsman" label implemented in partnership with the Chamber of Trades and Crafts has just been launched.

If you wish to apply, you will find all the information relating to this new facility:

What is the "Artisan du tourisme" label

How to apply

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