Local producers

Eat local and discover our artisanal productions like the wine and the honey of Suresnes.

Dora the Beekeper

Native of Hungary, she kept her passion for the nature and the bees. From a family of beekeepers, it's quite naturally that she produces now blossom honey. She possesses 40 hives in her garden of Nanterre, on the height of the Mont-Valrien.

Unpasteurized and natural honey

Gorged by the nectar flowers of lime trees, acacia trees, some chestnut trees and especially flowers from surrounding gardens. This honey offers fragnant flavors, sweet and pleasant on the palate.

Is the city the future for the bees ? Little doubt for Dora's honey. Its production varies from 400kg to 1ton, depending on the years and the weather. Preserved of pesticides, the honey produced is also not impacted by pollution, the bees forages the flower only during the ascent of the nectar, which lasts only a few hours in the day if the weather conditions are favorable. The Nectar doesn't have the time to be exposed by pollution (text from Hauts-de-Seine Tourisme)

Honey is on sale at the Suresnes Tourist Information Centre at 9 for 500g and 6 for 250g .

Ville de Suresnes

Guillaume the winemaker

Come and meet Guillaume Descroix, the passionate winemaker who will make you discover his know-how and his experience. He cultivates the vineyard with passion and has succeeded in producing quality wine in the region (Ile-de-France).

The Clos-du-Pas Saint-Maurice Association, which manages the production and enhancement of the site, offers you regular and free visits to the winery in the presence of the winemaker.

For groups (6 to 35 people maximum) on appointment : Monday and Tuesday from 9am to 6pm for 45 minutes.

For individuals (less than six people) they can come on Monday from 2pm to 7pm, without appointment, and visit the vineyard by themselves.

The Suresnes Tourist Information Centre sells wine of Suresnes : 75 cl bottles (12 ).

Prices :

  • the Classic 11
  • the Oak barrel 13
  • Terraces 14

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