Local producers

Eat local and discover our artisanal productions like the wine and the honey of Suresnes.

The winemaker

Come and meet the passionate winemaker who will make you discover his know-how and his experience. He cultivates the vineyard with passion and has succeeded in producing quality wine in the region (Ile-de-France).

The Clos-du-Pas Saint-Maurice Association, which manages the production and enhancement of the site, offers you regular and free visits to the winery in the presence of the winemaker.

The Suresnes Tourist Information Centre sells wine of Suresnes : 75 cl bottles (12 ).

Prices :

  • the Classic 11
  • the Oak barrel 13
  • Terraces 14

Paris Solidari-th

Suresnes Beer Factory - The brewers of the theater

The Brewers of the Theater

Once upon a time there was a business executive, a management professor, two petroleum industry consultants, a geological engineer and an IT manager who shared a common taste for… beer and conviviality.

They decided to cultivate it around a manual activity so that "their brain juice becomes hop juice" and embarked on the creation of an associative micro-brewery and the development of craft beers, in Suresnes.

You can buy the beer of Suresnes at the Tourist Office : 75cl, 9. You can also find them on suresnes-boutiques.

Contact: rue Kellogg, 92150 Suresnes



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