Simple and practical, Vélib ' will allow you to join Paris by bicycle. Five Vélib' stations are located in Suresnes.

Take a bike from one station leave it at another. Vélib’ is a self-service rental system which is easy to use and available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

5 Vélib' stations are spaced around Suresnes. Simple and pratical, the Vélib' allows you to ride into Paris and the neighboring communes, equipped with the Vélib 'device.

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For the occasional users, two solutions, with a deposit of 300 ¤ :

  • V-Libre, which allows to ride for 1¤ half an hour (2 ¤ for Vélib' electric)
  • V-Découverte at 5 ¤, which allows you to take trips  of less than 30 minutes free of charge all day long.

For regular users, there are two types of subscriptions for Vélib' :

  • V-Plus 3.10¤ / month
  • V-Max (Vélib' electric)  8.30¤/month

More informations on the Velib' Website

Vélib' stations

  •  corner of 18 bis, rue de Verdun / Cours Madeleine
  • face of 7 avenue Edouard Vaillant
  • 15/17, boulevard Henri Sellier/rue de Saint-Cloud
  • face of 38, rue Gardénat Lapostol
  • district Liberté